Many seniors don’t think of a nursing home as their first choice when it comes to long-term health care. In some cases, however, these accommodations will provide the best care for a loved one in need. Skilled nursing and assisted living communities offer great benefits for their residents including around the clock care, a safe living environment, and high-quality medical care

Adjusting to life in a skilled nursing or assisted living community is not easy for every senior, however. By keeping seniors active and taking care of their health needs, you can make sure they are happy. In this blog post, licensed nursing home administrator Eli Mirlis describes what you need to do to bring back the joy in the life of senior citizens.

Create a positive environment

Nursing home residents should be able to make decisions about their environment. To maintain visual interest, ask them to choose or donate artwork to display and then change it out every month or two. Use interactive displays, such as a suitcase filled with souvenirs, to encourage exploration and conversation. Try to bring nature into the care community as much as possible. Provide plants and encourage elders to take care of them.


Participating in Activities

Activities are a great way for seniors to get to know each other. Activities can also help seniors stay physically and mentally fit, explains Eli Mirlis, CEO at Regal Care.

Nursing homes host a variety of activities throughout the day. Regardless of whether everyone is interested, there is usually an activity available for everyone. Even seniors with disabilities or illnesses like dementia can participate in some activities.


Keep seniors active

One of the best ways to keep your senior’s health and energy up while they are in a nursing home is to keep them active. Consider encouraging them to participate in a hobby they enjoyed when they were younger. Maybe they like to do yoga, or they like to play ping pong.

Seniors can stay fit and in good shape by exercising for 30 minutes every day. Even if they can’t walk for long, moving their limbs is important. Additionally, spending time outside can cheer them up and make them feel fresh and relaxed, adds Eli Mirlis.

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